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       Our goals: to understand your inquiries and issues in order to find and develop the right solutions for your applications and processes. 

Our mission: focus on maintaining high quality standards to meet your expectations and needs by designing and delivering products that meet the timing, cost, and requirements required by not compromising the ethics of work and the environment.

Our Privacy Policy: Developing a Confidential Relationship Guaranteed Protection from access and misuse of all information and data acquired during the project and test phases, including Personal and Institutional Data, Product Details and any other aspects that our customer feels important.


Vacuum Science and Systems (VS & S) is a new Italian reality for the development and implementation of custom turnkey vacuum systems and cryogenic system ansd products . By optimizing the know-how and the ten-year experience of our partners, VS & S is able to offer innovative solutions to help customers meet their needs,   


Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Coaters

Bench top coater

Blizzard series

PVD Custom system




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